The Season of Advent

Today we begin the season of Advent, a very special time of prayer and preparation for the coming of the Lord. Both in commemoration of his Nativity and of his coming again as Judge of all creation. Far too often we Catholics can get caught up in the secular practice of starting Christmas early. For us the Christmas season starts with the first Mass of Christmas, late on Christmas Eve, and doesn’t end until the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Advent then is a time to prepare for, not anticipate, the Christmas celebration. Advent’s theme is that of spiritual preparation that increases the intensity of joy with each day of the season. We should strive to keep the Season of Advent very distinctly. Advent is the time to make ready for Christ to live with us. Advent is the time when etemity approaches earth, we are called to be ready when he comes. We should make the words of the hymn our own:

When is he coming?When, oh when is he coming, the Redeemer?

When will we see him? When, oh when will we see him, the Redeemer?

Come, oh come, to your people on earth, to your people on earth bring love!

He will come into our hearts and our lives this Christmas if we prepare for his coming in faith. So please make good use of the season of Advent by making an effort to find more time for daily prayer or to come to Mass in addition to our regular attendance.

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