Twenty-Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time – Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God

In today’s gospel we hear the powers that be in Jesus’ time attempting to trap him in political intrigue. Jesus wants to show those around him what really matters. So, he takes a coin and asks his questioners to look at it. Whose image is on this coin in 1st century Judea, Caesar’s image is on the coin as the region the Romans called Palestine is under their control. Jesus tells his questioners that as the coin bears Caesar’s image it must belong to Caesar and be given back to him.

While Jesus does not say it explicitly, he is asking his listeners and asking us, whose image is marked on us. Some of us will remember the question in the catechism of our childhood: “In whose image and likeness did God make you?”

The answer: “God made me in his own image and likeness.” This makes Jesus’ point in the gospel clear that we are made in the image and likeness of God and what belongs to God must be given back to God.


This is a great reminder to us all that we must keep things in their proper perspective. God has made us to be his children, he sent his Son Jesus to redeem us, so we are called not to waste too much time on the things of rulers, but to spend as much of our time as possible on the things of God.


Give to God what belongs to God – our very selves.


Mass today will be at 10.00am and you are welcome to join us online.


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