Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time – The Workers in the Vineyard

Today’s gospel is a reminder to us all that when we come to meet the Lord we do so in trust and love, not for rewards or personal gain, but through a free offering of ourselves to him, who loves us equally in return.


In the gospel we hear that the landowner paid on the terms that were negotiated. Yet, we often are tempted to agree with those who have worked all day that they should be paid more. Yet the landowner in the parable has given those who laboured in the field for a full day their due pay. But he has also given a full-day’s wage to those who worked only a single hour. No one is cheated, but a few receive abundantly from the landowner just as we receive from God more than what is merely justifiable or due. God, like the landowner, is radically just and abundantly generous to us. We do not deserve his grace, his love, but he gives us to all who turn to him whenever we turn to him.


The parable reminds us that although God owes us nothing, he offers abundantly and equally. We are occasionally tempted to think that our own actions deserve more reward, more of God’s abundant mercy, than the actions of others. But God’s generosity cannot be quantified or partitioned into different amounts for different people. When we think that way, we are trying to relate to God on our terms rather than to accept God’s radically different ways.


So we pray: Help me Lord today to come to you, to know the rewards of your love, and not to want more than another, but to exult in all you have given us in your great generosity.


Mass today will be at 10.00am and you are welcome to join us online.


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Please note that St. Teilo’s will be open for Mass at 10.00am today, Tuesday, Thursday and next Sunday.  We are full for today’s Mass, but if you would like to book for Tuesday, Thursday or next Sunday please telephone Carole on 07747 562847 between 11am and 1pm, tomorrow, Monday, September 21st.

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