Twenty-Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time – Give everything you own to the poor and follow me

In today’s Gospel, a person approaches Jesus and inquires about what one must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus replies that one must follow the commandments of the Law of Moses. The questioner acknowledges that he has observed all of these since childhood. Jesus then says that only one thing is lacking: he must give his possessions to the poor and follow Jesus. The person leaves in sadness, and St. Mark tells us that this is because he had many possessions.


Here are the challenges to us who live in the comparative wealth of a rich country. To follow Jesus, we must put him before all our possessions and follow in his footsteps of devotion to the Father and loving, caring commitment to all our brothers and sisters.


As Christian’s we believe that our faith is one in which each believer is in a personal relationship with Jesus. Just as the Gospel tells us that Jesus loves the man and is sad when he departs, so too, Jesus loves us and is saddened when we are unable or unwilling to follow him. The invite is always there, but we must say Yes to what the Lord asks of us. Our salvation comes from being able to rely completely upon God as Jesus did – let us follow him.


Mass Times


Mass times at St. Teilo’s each weekend are 6pm on Saturday and Sunday evenings and 10am on Sunday morning.


Weekday Mass is celebrated at St. Teilo’s at 10am on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and on Wednesday evening at 7pm.


You are welcome to join us for Mass at the above times online.


Attending Mass


Following a review of the parish procedures for Mass we will no longer be expecting people to register or sign in for Mass.


While it is good that we can ease some of the previous restrictions, you are still asked to be considerate to others and to remain at a reasonable distance from other attendees.


If you are a vulnerable person, printed cards are available at the back of the Church saying, “PLEASE RESPECT THIS SPACE”. You are able to take a number of these cards and place them each side of you to ensure no one encroaches on your safe space.


In the light of Welsh Government guidance face coverings/masks are still to be worn in Church and everyone is encouraged to sanitise their hands on arrival and departure from Church.


Private Prayer


St. Teilo’s is open daily for private prayer from 8am to early evening each weekday and 8am to 7pm on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Please feel free to visit the Lord, present in the Blessed Sacrament, any time you are passing the Church or spend a longer time sitting or kneeling in the Lord’s presence.


In addition, Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament takes place at St. Teilo’s on Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 6:55pm and on Friday mornings from 10.30am to 12.00 noon.


This week’s newsletter can be found here.

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