Thirteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time – Little Girl I Tell You to Get Up

In today’s gospel Jesus is asked to heal the daughter of Jairus. Jairus is described as a synagogue official, a man of considerable standing in the Jewish community. Distraught over his daughter’s poor health, he approaches Jesus and asks him to heal her. Although Mark doesn’t provide many details, we can imagine that his daughter has been ill for some time and that her condition is deteriorating.


As we listen we can imagine Jairus’ impatience with Jesus; his daughter is dying and Jesus hasn’t helped him yet. As if to build a sense of urgency, messengers suddenly arrive and confirm Jairus’s worst fear: his daughter has died. Jesus ignores their message and reassures Jairus. When they arrive at Jairus’s home, they find family and friends mourning the girl’s death. Jesus enters the room of the dead girl, takes her by the hand, and instructs her to get up. Jairus’ faith in Jesus has not been in vain; his daughter is restored to life.


The lesson, as Jesus explains to the disciples, is that faith leads Jairus to seek out Jesus. It is our own faith that invites us to turn to the Lord in whatever are our needs and to trust in him whatever happens. The gospel ends with Jesus asking those around the little girl to not let anyone know about it. A reminder that each individual must make his or her own act of faith in affirming Jesus as God’s Son based on our own trust in him and not just on the miracles that he does.


Mass at St. Teilo’s


Mass today will be at 10.00am and 6pm. While 10am Mass is full there are plenty of places at 6pm Mass if you wish to come along, please turn up and a steward will show you to a place. You are also welcome to join us online.


Weekday Mass at St. Teilo’s this week take place at 10am on Monday Thursday, Friday and Saturday Mornings and at 7pm on Wednesday Evening. You are welcome to attend with no need to pre-book.


St. Peter and St Paul


While the obligation to attend Mass on the Solemnity of St. Peter and St. Paul is currently suspended. Tuesday this week is the occasion of that great feast day. If you wish to attend Mass on Tuesday, you should book via the Parish Online Booking Service. Masses that day will be at 10am and 7pm. The 10am Mass is likely to be full, but the Evening Mass has less bookings, so if you forget to book and want to attend Mass, please come along to the Evening Mass.


Next Sunday


Each weekend St. Teilo’s has three Sunday Masses open for attendance; the Vigil Mass at 6pm on Saturday, the 10am Mass on Sunday morning and a 6pm Mass on Sunday evening. Bookings for all three Sunday Masses should be made via the parish’s online booking service. Click on the red ‘Select a date’ button and select the date and time of the Mass you wish to attend.


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