Third Sunday of Ordinary Time – Sunday of the Word of God

Today’s First reading from the Book of Nehemiah (8:2-6,8-10) has these wonderful words:


Do not be sad: the joy of the Lord is your strength.


When Ezra the priest says these words, he is speaking to the remnant of Israel who have returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the city and its temple. It was a time of restoration, not only of the ruined city, but also of obedience to the law of God.

The first reaction of the people of Israel to hearing the word of the Lord is sorrow and weeping because they have gone so far away from its teaching. But Ezra tells them not to weep because of God’s word, but to rejoice and celebrate because of they can now hear God’s Word and make it their own. Living in the way the Lord calls us to live is indeed the way we know that “The joy of the Lord is our strength”.

We at times can be worried about what is happening to the Church in this time after Covid-19, we can seem like a small remnant of faith whose numbers have declined during the Pandemic. Ezra reminds us that our trust, our hope is not in ourselves, but in the Lord. So let us rejoice and give thanks because “The joy of the Lord is our strength”.


Attending Sunday Mass

This weekend will be the last weekend that we are at Alert Level 2 in Wales. The current arrangements are coming to a conclusion on Friday, January 28th. Therefore, from next weekend there will be no need to register or sign in for Mass. Arrangements will return to those which were in place before Christmas.

You are asked to continue to be considerate to others and to remain at a reasonable distance from other attendees where possible. If you are a vulnerable person, printed cards are available at the back of the Church saying, “PLEASE RESPECT THIS SPACE”. You are able to take a number of these cards and place them each side of you to ensure no one encroaches on your safe space.

Face coverings/masks are still to be worn in Church and everyone is encouraged to sanitise their hands on arrival and departure from Church.


Mass Times this week

Monday – No Mass

Tuesday – 10am at St. Teilo’s Church

Wednesday – 10am at Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Thursday – 12 Midday Funeral Mass of Erik Jonsson at St. Teilo’s Church

Friday – 10am at St. Teilo’s Church

Saturday – 10am at St. Teilo’s Church

Saturday Evening – 6pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Sunday Morning – 10am at St. Teilo’s Church

Sunday Evening – 6pm at St. Teilo’s Church


Full details are available in the Parish Newsletter.

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