St. Teilo’s Day

Today we celebrate the Patronal Feast day of St. Teilo here in our Parish Church in Whitchurch. St. Teilo was a 6th century monk and Bishop. He was a very popular saint in Wales with more churches dedicated to his name than any saint other than St. David.


According to tradition, St. Teilo studied under St. Paulinus at the monastic school at Whitland, Carmarthenshire. Here he met and became firm friends with St. David. St. Teilo subsequently travelled with him to Mynyw, now known as St. David’s, where St. David set up his religious community.


As a Bishop, St. Teilo founded the Cathedral Church at Llandaff, where he is buried, and the great Abbey in the town named after him, Llandeilo. St. Teilo was also a missionary, travelling to Brittany to share the faith.  He is commemorated in many churches dedicated to him in Brittany.


At the end of the 9am and 11am Mass today the children of the parish will be invited to gather around the statue of St. Teilo, our Patron Saint, to celebrate his feast day.


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