The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Today, the Sixth Sunday of Easter, is full of promise and hope. The Gospel of St. John read on this day reminds us of Jesus’ promise that: “I shall ask the Father, and He will give you another Advocate to be with you for ever, that Spirit of truth.” (John 14:15-16). We join with the Apostles in waiting for the Advocate to come. This week and next week, the last two weeks of Eastertime, we focus on the promise of the Holy Spirit Who comes to sanctify and renew us now, as He supported, sanctified and renewed the Apostles.


Come Holy Spirit, come to Your people as they wait with longing for Your return to our lives. Come Holy Spirit and lead Your Church into new expressions of faith as we grow in the knowledge and love of the Father and the Son through Your presence in our lives. Amen.


Mass today at St. Teilo’s is at 10.00am –


This week’s Parish Newsletter can be found here,

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