Sixth Sunday of Easter – Love at the heart of Christian life

In today’s gospel reading from St. John, we hear Jesus affirm that he is known by the Father and that his disciples will know the Father by knowing Jesus. In this passage Jesus reminds his disciples that this knowledge is not to be expressed in theory but to be expressed in love. Those who know Jesus well—and Jesus says that his disciples do know him—will love one another. Knowledge leads to love, which leads to action. St. John reminds us that Jesus taught that love is the sign of a true disciple and, thus, a true Christian. Even more, a true disciple shows a particular kind of love, sacrificial love.


In the gospel Jesus transforms the terms of his relationship with his disciples and redefines for them their relationship with God from those that went before him. In the Hebrew Scriptures, faith in God made one a servant of God, Jesus has raised us up to friendship with him and through him to the father, not servitude. To be chosen by Jesus is not to be set apart from the world. Instead, to be chosen by Jesus is to be sent to serve the world as he did. The disciples of Jesus are chosen and are sent into the world to bear fruit by serving others, by sacrificing for others, in love.


Mass at St. Teilo’s

Mass today will be at 10.00am and 6pm please only attend if you have already booked to do so. You are welcome to join us online.


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