Second Sunday of Christmas

Due to the Alert Level Four in place for the whole of Wales with a very high risk of infection by the new variant of Covid-19 and the ‘at risk’ profile of many of our parishioners Mass will be live streamed only from St. Teilo’s until further notice.


The readings for this Sunday move from the action of the birth of Jesus and of the Holy Family in their journey into Egypt and become more reflective. What does this birth mean? The Gospel for the day, the Prologue to St. John’s Gospel, is a deep reflection on the mystery of the Incarnation. But do not be put off by any potential complexity. It is a simple statement of faith in which we should all join. In verse 1, we hear that the Word of God which was made flesh had His beginnings with God before creation. In verses 2 to 5, we hear the story of creation, understood as an ongoing process of which Jesus is the fulfilment. In verses 6 to 8, we hear the call and the mission of St. John the Baptist and recognise in him the vocation of all the followers of Jesus. In verses 9 to 14, St. John presents the Incarnation as a remarkable, a strange mystery that the One who made and sustains humanity is rejected by this same humanity. In verses 16 to 18, we are invited to benefit from the grace of the Incarnation. Cardinal St. John Henry Newman said: “Lord, we thank you for the deep moments of Bible reading when we knew that we were in the presence of the Word which existed from the beginning before time began, which was with You before You created the world, which was truly divine, with You from the beginning, and which was made flesh and was living among us.” This sums up the invitation of this Sunday, that we stand in awe at the great things which God has done for us in sending His Son to be one of us in all things but sin.


Mass today will be at 10.00am and you are welcome to join us online.

This week’s newsletter can be found here.

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