Responsibilities of a Parish Council Member

The basic characteristic of leadership in a Christian community is not power but service.

The service provided by the Parish Council is to assist the growth and development of the Parish Community as a people of faith.

To provide a forum for encouraging full participation in the mission of the Parish Community by its member; by giving them a voice in developing, guiding and conducting the various aspects of Parish life.

Working to advise the Parish Priest in the work of formulating the policy and objectives of the community, helping to make it an effective one.

The Council assists the community in its work of caring, sharing and spreading the Gospel and leading all people to a deeper sense of holiness.

To be of service to all the Parish community.


Membership of the Parish Council

The Parish Priest will be President of the Parish Council

The Parish Council will have eight elected members and four ex-officio members. The ex-officio members will be the Chair of the Parish Finance Committee, the Parish Treasurer, the Parish Safeguarding Officer and the Parish Health and Safety Advisor.

The Parish Council Chair will be elected by the council from among the elected members.

Elections to be held every three years

The next election to be February 2025 (unless exceptional circumstances occur).


Election Procedure 2022

Sunday January 2nd – Nomination Papers available – link below.

Sunday January 23rd – Nominations Close.

Sunday January 30thCandidate Information and Ballot Paper.

Sunday February 6th, 13th, 20th – Ballots to be returned.

Sunday February 27th – New Parish Council Members announced.


Parish Council Nomination Form

Parish Council Nomination Form