Online Donations to the Parish – An update

From today – 31st of August – all donations to the Parish made online should be done at a new web address (url):

The donation button on the front page of the website has been updated to take account of the change.

You will notice some slight differences on the Virgin Money Giving page but the main functions will operate just as before.

When we set up the original page at the start of the pandemic it enabled us to provide an immediate solution to the finanical needs of the Parish. To speed the set up the donations were all directed to the Archdiocesan Account and paid back to the Parish Account from the Archdiocese.

Now we have settled into using Virgin Money Giving, and have some time to sort things out, we (along with the other parishes of the Archdiocese) have been able to set up a new page so that all donations come straight to the Parish Accounts, rather than via Archbishop’s House.

Please contine to donate via Virgin Money Giving for those one off donations or consider a Standing Order for regular monthly donations to the life of the Parish. If you would like to set up a standing order please e-mail for more information.

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