Now I give you a new commandment: Love one another

Today’s gospel begins with the announcement that this is the moment when the Son of Man will be glorified. This theme continues throughout St John’s Passion. Jesus will be glorified in his death on the Cross and in his Resurrection, and the disciples will glorify Jesus in the love they show.

John’s Gospel presents a view of love, this is a type of love that is shown in service and sacrifice. It is difficult to choose to love when faced with hatred and anger. Jesus tells the disciples that all will know that they are his disciples because of the love they show for one another.

Christian love is the hallmark of Christianity. We see it lived in the witness of the martyrs. We see it in the example of the lives of the saints. We see it in the holy women and men who live and love daily, making small and large sacrifices for others, we are invited to act it out for ourselves as we LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

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