Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time – A Prophet is only despised in his own country

Today’s Gospel describes what many believe to have been the typical pattern of Jesus’ ministry: teaching in the synagogue followed by acts of healing. In his hometown of Nazareth, the people are amazed by what they hear, but they also cannot comprehend how someone they know so well might move them so powerfully.


This Gospel tells us that Jesus is unable to perform miracles in Nazareth because of the people’s lack of faith. Jesus is said to be surprised by this. He did not predict or foresee this rejection. In this detail we find a description of the very human side of Jesus, who didn’t realise those who knew him well, and knew his family too would not have the faith in him that others would. We are invited to ask if we, when we are very familiar with the stories of Jesus, can at times also take them for granted and now as an inspiration for a deepening of our faith.


We are invited by the gospel to ask ‘Who is Jesus?’ The people of Nazareth might know the carpenter, the son of Mary, but they do not know Jesus, the Son of God. The gospel reminds us that Jesus’ was rejected by his own people, the people of Israel. St. Mark, by showing that Jesus himself was rejected, offers consolation and reassurance to his first readers who were themselves rejected by both the Jewish community and the society of the Roman Empire in their time. It should prepare us to accept this possible consequence of Christian discipleship, being true to Jesus may be a challenge to the society around us.


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