Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time – They left everything and followed him

This Sunday’s Gospel tells two stories of people who welcome Jesus’ message. Firstly, an enthusiastic crowd has gathered on the shore of the lake, eagerly pressing forward to hear Jesus’ teaching. Jesus seems to be in danger of being crushed or at least being pushed into the sea! He takes the unusual step of teaching from Simon’s

boat. Secondly, Simon and his companions are washing their nets on the shore as

Jesus teaches, no doubt listening to what he has to say at the same time. When Jesus finishes his teaching, he asks Simon to put out into deep water and prepare for a catch.

Simon protests: if they caught nothing all night, the best time for fishing, what hope was there of a good catch during the day? Anyway, what would a craftsman like Jesus know about the art of commercial fishing?

Nevertheless, Simon does as Jesus asks and an extraordinary abundance of fish is caught – enough to almost sink two boats. Overwhelmed by the huge catch, Simon senses both the presence of the Divine and his own unworthiness and begs Jesus to leave him.

In response, Simon Peter, James and John abandon their thriving business, leaving everything behind, nets, boats and employees, and follow Jesus.


No need to book to attend Mass at St. Teilo’s or Our Lady of Lourdes.

Now we are at Alert Level 0 in Wales there is no need to book to attend Mass at either of our churches on Sundays or weekdays, nor will a record of attendance be kept.

You are, of course, asked to continue to be considerate to others and to remain at a reasonable distance from other attendees where possible. If you are a vulnerable person, printed cards are available at the back of the Church saying, “PLEASE RESPECT THIS SPACE”. You are able to take a number of these cards and place them each side of you to ensure no one encroaches on your safe space.


Parish Feast Days

St. Teilo

Wednesday is the celebration of St. Teilo one of the Patronal Feasts of our Parish. Given the feast day, Mass will be celebrated on that day in St. Teilo’s Church at 10.00am. The patron of a church is celebrated as a Solemnity in that church; therefore Mass will include the Gloria and Creed and some hymns as is fitting for a Solemnity


Our Lady of Lourdes – World Day of the Sick

Friday, February 11th is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, the second Patron of our Parish. Mass on that day will be celebrated as a Solemnity in the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. Mass will be at 2.30pm.

The time of Mass on this day has been changed to the afternoon to enable as many of the elderly, sick and housebound as possible to attend to receive the Sacrament of the Sick. If you can offer a lift to any sick, elderly or housebound parishioner, please do make the offer to them. We will have refreshments after Mass in the Church porch.


Mass Times this week

Please take special note as there are a number of changes of times and venues this week

Monday – No Mass

Tuesday – 10am at St. Teilo’s Church

Wednesday – 10am at St. Teilo’s Church

Thursday – 10.15am at St. Teilo’s Church – Requiem Mass of Mrs Grace O’Donnell

Friday – 2.30pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Saturday – 10am at St. Teilo’s Church

Saturday Evening – 6pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Sunday Morning – 10am at St. Teilo’s Church

Sunday Evening – 6pm at St. Teilo’s Church


Full details are available in the Parish Newsletter.

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