Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time – I Am the Bread of Life

In today’s Gospel we continue to read from chapter 6 of St. John’s gospel. In the passage we read today we hear four exchanges between Jesus and the crowd.


In the first, the crowd, having followed Jesus to Capernaum, asks a very matter of fact question: “Rabbi, when did you get here?” Jesus replies by challenging them about their following him – is it just because they have been fed?


In the second exchange, the crowd recognise that it is more than food they are seeking. They ask Jesus: “What can we do to accomplish the works of God?” Jesus replies that they must have faith in the one sent from God.


In the third exchange, the crowd shows that they do not know who Jesus truly is: reveals their inability to see Jesus’ true identity. They link him to Moses who was one chosen by God, but Jesus corrects their misinterpretation and points to himself as God. He says that the manna received by their ancestors came from God and in the bread that they have received from Jesus, they have received physical nourishment and spiritual nourishment. Jesus points the way to true nourishment.


The crowd again misunderstand, and they ask Jesus too “give us this bread always.” Jesus makes it clear that he himself is the Bread of Life.


Jesus himself is the Bread of Life who will satisfy every hunger and thirst, he is the one who has come from the Father, to bring all of us into the unity of the Godhead. As we receive communion today, if we are blessed to be able to do so, let us remember that in doing so we are showing the faith to unite ourselves to God, who offers himself to us in this Holy Sacrament.


Mass at St. Teilo’s


Mass today will be at 10am and 6pm. While 10am Mass is full there are plenty of places at 6pm Mass if you wish to come along, please turn up and a steward will show you to a place. You are also welcome to join us online.


Weekday Mass at St. Teilo’s this week take place at 10am on Monday Thursday, Friday and Saturday Mornings and at 7pm on Wednesday Evening. You are welcome to attend with no need to pre-book.


Time for Private Prayer

St. Teilo’s will be open for private prayer on Monday and Friday from Mass time until 5.30pm. You are welcome to call in at any time, but please remember to remain six feet, that is two metres, away from other attendees who are not members of your own household. You will need either to ‘Check-in’ using the NHS Covid-19 app to log the QR code in the Church porch or to add your name and phone number to the sign in sheet. You are required to sanitise as you enter and leave the Church. You may remove your face covering if you are alone in the Church but if someone else is present you will need to wear your face covering.


Next Sunday

Each weekend St. Teilo’s has three Sunday Masses open for attendance; the Vigil Mass at 6pm on Saturday, the 10am Mass on Sunday morning and a 6pm Mass on Sunday evening. Bookings for all three Sunday Masses should be made via the parish’s online booking service. Click on the red ‘Select a date’ button and select the date and time of the Mass you wish to attend.


This week’s newsletter can be found here.

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