Corpus Christi

Canon Isaac writes:

This beautiful Solemnity gives the whole Church on earth the opportunity to praise God for the blessing of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. One of the most fundamental beliefs of the Church is that in Holy Communion we receive the true Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Saviour, Jesus. Not a sign, a promise, a symbol or a token, but the REAL PRESENCE of Him Who, with the Father and the Holy Spirit is God.

Normally on this Solemnity we would be processing with candles, banners, incense and a canopy. This year we will do the best that we can in physical terms, but in our hearts we can give ourselves fully to the Lord as we celebrate His Presence in the Mass in in the Tabernacle. We will still be able to give God thanks for the great blessings of this most holy Sacrament. The Church exists to bring Jesus Christ into our hearts and daily lives. In our tabernacle we honour Him, Who is the centre of our lives. Before the Lord, in the flesh, or online, we can be confident in His Presence. The Lord is with us, and loving us, even if we feel despair, or think that we are failures. Trust in Him. Yes, He comes to us when we are good and feeling holy, but even more He is close to us when we fail, when we come close to despair and when we feel hopeless and lost.

In the days of the Pandemic, I have begun to listen to the news only once a day. That is enough for me! I hear the bad news, the tragic deaths across the world, the hard times faced by many due to illness and economic crises. I hear it, but I bring it all to the Lord in prayer. I invite you to do the same. Trust in Him, for He is very near each of us. I have found myself turning more to music, especially the beautiful and ancient music written over the centuries for the Church. So much of this music, in all its beauty, was written to accompany the Mass. This music raises my soul at a time when we need it. The Word of God too, can be like music in our hearts, pointing us towards the truth that we are blessed in having God very close to us, lifting our hearts and our tired minds into His Presence, so that we can be close to the Body of Christ.

So, today, on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord, let us thank God for His closeness to us, in the Sacraments, in his Word, in our prayers and celebrate our wonderful Catholic faith which has always and will always, proclaim the truth of the Presence of Jesus in our midst.

O Sacrament Most Holy, O Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving, be every moment Thine.

Mass today, followed by Eucharistic devotions and benediction will be at 10am online,

This weekend’s newsletter can be found here,

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