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Due to the Alert Level Four in place for the whole of Wales with a very high risk of infection by the new variant of Covid-19 and the ‘at risk’ profile of many of our parishioners Mass will be live streamed only from St. Teilo’s until further notice.


This Sunday, the Church begins Ordinary Time with the readings of Year B of the three-year cycle. Year B is often called the Year of Mark, as Mark is the Gospel read most frequently during the year, but as Mark’s is the shortest of the first three Gospels, this year we also find readings from St. John’s Gospel interspersed in the cycle of readings. Today’s Gospel, John 1:35-42, is an example of this.


Today’s reading from the Gospel builds on last week’s celebration of the Baptism of Jesus, when having been baptised, Jesus begins to gather followers. The first two followers, Andrew and another man, were followers of John the Baptist. After hearing John’s testimony, they became followers of Jesus. During their time with Jesus, the details of which are not specified, Andrew and the other follower came to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Andrew then brings his brother, Simon, to Jesus. Immediately, Jesus gave Simon a new name, calling him Peter, which means “rock” in Greek. The gospel shows us Jesus seeks out individuals and calls them to be his followers, as we hear them being called, we are asked to listen to the Lord calling us to follow Him and stay with Him in faith.


Mass today will be at 10.00am and you are welcome to join us online.


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