Canon Isaac Memorial

Book of Memories

We have created a virtual book of memories for Canon Isaac which can be access here. In it you can read memories written from the heart by many of the people whose lives he touched both here in St. Teilo’s with Our Lady of Lourdes and beyond. If you would like to add your memories to the virtual book please email with Memory of Canon Isaac in the title of the email.

The Canon’s body now rests in peace in the monastic cemetery at Belmont Abbey. Images below

Canon William Isaac’s Coffin resting in the grave

The gravediggers have completed their tasks and the flowers from Parishioners and friends mark Canon’s Isaac’s final resting place.

Canon’s grave is next to that of his friend Br Bernard Wassall OSB who died last September.

Another photo of Canon’s grave with the graves of the monks of Belmont beyond. The graves include that of Fr. Anthony Tumelty OSB from St. Teilo’s Parish.

The Requiem Mass at St. David’s Cathedral took place on Thursday, April 8th at 5pm

You can download and keep, or print, the Order of Service:

The web format is designed to be read on PCs or mobiles.

The print format will enable you to print a hard copy 8 page A4 booklet. Please note that there are some pictures in both versions. We would recommend printing in Greyscale (i.e. black and white) to avoid excess costs of colour printing.

The Pre-burial Mass at Belmont Abbey on Friday, April 9th at 11.30am

The pre-burial mass at Belmont Abbey was recorded and can be viewed again by clicking here.


May the soul of Canon William Isaac, and of all the faithful departed, Rest in Peace. Amen

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