Apologies for lost connection

Sorry to all those who were taking part in the Easter Vigil tonight when we lost connection just after the Gospel. Some fast work by the KT Electronics team and the parish webmaster has restored the picture, but to late for the rest of Mass or the Polish Vigil – sorry.

When the webcam was put in, just after the announcement that Churches were to close, it had to be run over the Presbytery internet connection, the only one we have! This connection is fine for normal household use, it will be the same as the connection in your home, however when lots of people try to connect at the same time it can overload the system, and that seems to have happened tonight.

We will try and get an upgraded (business) internet connection sorted as soon as possible, but in the meantime I will continue to say Mass for you all each day, whether you can see me or not, hopefully it will be possible for you to take part.

Canon Isaac

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